Why My HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink?

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Many of the HP printer user experiencing black or color ink printing issues from little to no ink on the printed paper. In such case we have to explore the reason for the issue to eliminate the hp printer not printing black issue now and in the future too. Follow the below description for a detailed insight on the reason along with the easy to follow instructions.

printer not printing black

Common reasons for not printing black ink

  • Ink cartridge issues
  • Print head malfunctions
  • Corrupted Hp printer driver
  • Insufficient ink levels
  • Irrelevant paper settings

Troubleshooting HP printer not printing black

Always use genuine HP ink cartridges

Make sure that you are having enough ink in the cartridges

  • From the printer control panel tap on the minus icon next to the setup icon
  • Then use the navigation button to choose tools and click Ok
  • In the following tap on the Estimated ink levels and click ok

Based on the result you have to replace or repair your ink catridges.

Identify the damaged ink cartridges

To identify the damaged ink cartridge you have to print the print head test page. Then analyze the quality of the print. From that you can identify the damaged ink cartridges.

Replace the empty or the damaged ink cartridges

If you find that your cartridges are damaged follow the below steps to remove them

  • Initially load your printer with enough paper
  • Then open the cartridge door
  • Wait for your printer to become silent
  • Remove the cartridges without touching the copper contacts and ink nozzles to prevent any damages
  • Next take the print heads out of the plastic tape
  • Without touching the copper contacts snap them in the respective ink slots

Try cleaning the print head

Cleaning the print head can help you resolve the clogged print head issue. For that follow the below steps:

  • Initially load sufficient paper in your printer paper tray
  • Then from the lower-left corner of the printer control panel, tap on the minus button next to the setup icon
  • Use the navigation button to choose Tools and click Ok
  • Then from the following select Clean Print head option and click Ok
  • Check the Printheads test page
  • Follow second-level cleaning guidelines if the quality is unacceptable

If none of the above steps help solve the not printing in black issue, it’s time for your HP printer to given for service.

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